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Your Sex Dolls So Cheap,Why?

We often receive emails from reddit users
Your prices are much less than some other sex doll websites, why?

Full size lifelike sex dolls are an expensive product, and many people are very cautious when choosing to buy her.
Buyers have various concerns

Japanese sex doll
Since JWDOLL opened reddit, many buyers are particularly interested in our products, especially since our cheap price has attracted many buyers.
Then, compared to other reddit sellers, our price is obviously too cheap, which makes many buyers feel worried.

We often receive emails from reddit users
Your prices are much less than some other sex doll websites, why?

1.Because we are a sex doll factory in Guangdong, China. all dolls are produced and shipped by our own factory.  we are shipped directly to you from our factory, and the intermediary does not have a trading company to earn commissions. So we are cheap

2.As a sex doll factory, We support retail ,and also want long-term stable wholesale customers.
Our prices are mainly for wholesale customers, small business owners (local sex toy store operators), companies and shopify sellers, because they will repeat orders multiple times, when they have orders, we send sex dolls directly to their customer address, This is called Dropshipping

3.We found a lot of beautiful sex shop websites. They are not factories. Their websites are not even Chinese companies.Their websites are very professional and beautiful, and they have to pay a lot of Google ads and forum  SNSadvertisements, which cost a lot of money. The money is paid by the consumers, and they have a huge online storeoperation team, they need to pay wages to the staff. 
158cm big boobs sex doll
4. But we don't have these, our website doesn't look professional, it's not very beautiful. The important thing is that wedidn't buy Google keywords ads and facebook ads, which saved us a lot of cost. Because we understand that to ensurethat the website has enough traffic, we may spend an advertising cost of $3,000 per day. Moreover, we must form aprofessional team to run the ads. no doubt, This will increase the price of our sex doll, We decided not to do this. Because we are a professional sex doll factory, our focus is on producing professional sex dolls, not make professional websites.

In order to make buyers more assured, we are also acting
cheap sex doll
For example, in this product 150cm small boobs sex doll, we did not use Photoshop to make photos, all of which were taken in the factory, from the mold to the packaging process.
Do you trust our sex doll shop?


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